Personal Branding for a Humble Doctor

A few months back, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of the most genuine, modest, caring individuals I have ever come across.  And...he was a doctor!  I know its hard to believe, but compassionate and level-headed doctors do exist.  Doctor Bryan Cicuto has certainly set the bar a little higher for his peers.

Unfortunately, He was working with a headshot that was plaguing him and his brand.

Dr. Bryan Cicuto  - BEFORE his headshot session with me.

Dr. Bryan Cicuto  - BEFORE his headshot session with me.

I don't look at what I do as simply making pictures.  I am here to help people represent themselves in a better, more impactful way. That's what personal branding and your digital identity is all about, right?

Bryan was using this picture for branding and promotions.  I even saw this photo pop up in a pre-movie advertisement while in the movie theater.  There was no way I could let this ridiculousness continue.  So, I did what any reasonable headshot specialist would do:  I called him out on it.  

It took a little time to work with his schedule, as Bryan is one of the most accomplished and sought out plastic surgeons in Pennsylvania.  When he showed up to the studio, I began my workflow.  

Stopping every now and then to do some coaching, I outright asked him how he perceived himself.  He is such a humble and modest fellow.  Despite his accomplishments, education, accolades, and the positive impact he has had on his patients, he maintains humility.  All of which is incredibly rare for someone in his profession.  Of course, this seems to be at odds with the confidence I was hoping for Bryan to exude.  I didn't need to prod and egg him on.  I simply gave him a taste of what his patients experience on a daily basis.  

I approached Bryan with some gentle humor and with genuine care for how he presented himself to the world.  He was a quick study, and in time, we nailed a few images that blew both of us away.

I did, however, express my wish that he would have brought additional wardrobe choices to his session.  He agreed, but will have to schedule another session when possible.  

Dr. Bryan Cicuto - AFTER his headshot session with me.

Dr. Bryan Cicuto - AFTER his headshot session with me.

With that being said, I'd like to introduce you to the new and improved Doctor Bryan Cicuto, of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgical Associates of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with this gentleman. I look forward to getting his shots updated again, and I do hope that he brings in a few more wardrobe choices next time.

If you're in a need of a plastic surgeon who is caring, has a gentle and compassionate bed-side manner, and who takes time to understand you, meet Dr. Bryan Cicuto.