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Save time and make money by capitalizing on your first impression. Build connections and be seen as a likeable person.


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Your headshot is a visual representation of the message you want to convey.  I remove the fear and anxiety of having your photo taken, and coach you into authentic expressions that are unique to your personality.   I am a brand strategist, a stylist and a therapist, helping you craft your digital identity and present yourself in a polished, professional and personable light.  

A first impression is built within the first 7 seconds of seeing a person.  In this age of technology and digital profiles, we tend to begin business relationships with people we haven't met in person.  You don't have the luxury of missing an opportunity to make a good impression. Having an amazing headshot will ensure that your audience receives your virtual handshake warmly and generates a positive impression.  So, What does YOUR headshot say about you?  


Rich captured exactly the look and feel I wanted in my headshots. He demands the best from himself and his subjects, and it shows. I Highly recommend Rich! Thank you for taking my LinkedIn profile and re-branding efforts to the next level!
Wendy Booker Headshot By Richard Waine
Wendy Booker Armstrong Flooring, Inc.
Working with Richard was a pleasure. His direction and eye for photography helped to get the best out of me and feel confident during my session. I highly recommend Richard for your image needs. Great facility, equipment, energy, and output.
Michael Kealey Headshot by Richard Waine
Michael Kealey Motor Scout Music
Relaxed. Results. Repeat. Richard's philosophy and approach is perfect to get the best 'you' there is for your headshot.If you have any trepidations about having your picture taken, they will gradually disappear as he walks you through the session.
Ellen Taylor Headshot by Richard Waine
Ellen Taylor The Center For Health Design


The Process


This is my step by step guide to how I am going to help you look more confident, more poised, and approachable.  This is how you and I will remain on the same page through the entire session.


I'll bring the coaching, you bring the desire to have a good time. Our focus will be on incredible expressions that best showcase your confidence, competence, and unique personality. We'll take intermittent breaks to review the images and for clothing changes.


Together, we will evaluate and rate the images taken to determine which images best represent your personal and/or corporate brand. I shoot tethered directly into a computer, which will allows us to see details more clearly, and make any adjustments necessary.


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