I Need a Headshot. It's an Emergency!

It's no secret, my studio isn't ready to receive clients, visitors or even friends...yet.  Painting and cleaning have taken a while, and there is still a lot to do.

Last night, I received a call asking if I could schedule a headshot session right away.  I was told it was somewhat of an emergency.  I had hoped that I would be able to push this session until next week, as I was supposed to leave town early today.  No dice.  John needed a personal branding headshot, right away.  

John is an attorney, who received an important board certification.  The newspaper wanted to run a story on him, and required a headshot. Like so many of my clients (and many others), his first instinct was to send an iPhone selfie.  

John's headshot - BEFORE his session with me

John's headshot - BEFORE his session with me

He said to me, "upon further reflection, I thought I should send a professional photograph. Also, I am going to work on a website sometime soon."

Good call, John!  If there is one message that I preach to my clients, prospects, and the rest of humanity, is that you should only represent yourself with a high quality image taken by a headshot specialist.

A great headshot will have a significant impact on your personal brand, your prospective clients, and your digital identity.  This is your virtual handshake.  We don't want to skimp on something as valuable as public perception and your reputation.

As a headshot specialist, my focus is on your expression, your body position, the details that make for a polished image (no matter how trivial), and most importantly, your brand.  I lend a lot of thought to how best to flatter you, and how the image will represent you.

John was in a rush.  He needed this session hasta pronto.  It was my duty to make it happen. And happen, it did!

I gave John fair warning that my studio was not quite ready to receive people, but if he could tolerate the mess, I would get him squared away.  I made my way to the studio, and got my gear set up.  (Feel free to check out my Instagram feed for the video.)

Knowing that we both had limited time to get John from zero to hero, I provided the most simple and straight forward directions I could offer. 

Normally, I enjoy having some time to laugh with my clients and make the session light and fun. Time didn't allow for that today.  I needed John to appear relaxed, yet confident. Knowledgeable AND approachable.

The session had a few challenges, which are all relatively common. John is quite tall, at 6'4".  He wears glasses, which meant I had to minimize glare.  He was worried about his hair looking thin and/or overly fluffy.  Drawing on my headshot expertise, I was able to handle these concerns, and give John a headshot session unlike anything he has ever experienced.  

John's updated headshot - AFTER his Power Hour session with me

John's updated headshot - AFTER his Power Hour session with me

When my clients need me, I am there.  I do whatever is in my power to help, because I understand the value of an amazing headshot, and the need to show the best version of yourself possible.  I aim to show people how significant and powerful a headshot can be for a personal brand, a business, and for personal perception.  

John reached out and elevated his personal brand.  Be like John!

You need a Power Hour session in your life!

See you in the studio!