Ok folks, the latest and greatest version of Capture One Pro 10 was released today!

For those of you familiar with this incredible piece of software, you'll recognize the same platform with a few neat features.  For those of you unfamiliar with C1, you're in for a treat!


Here's a little history of my transition to C1:

I was an Adobe Lightroom user, tethering my Nikon D800 into my laptop.  Over the course of 1 photo session, Lightroom crashed 3 times and was simply unable to perform seamlessly and without failure.  I was searching for a solution, and had no clue what my options were.

I ran into Doug Sonders at Photo Plus at that time, and explained my issue.  His response was as gentlemanly as they come.  He said "Rich, I'm giving a master class on digital tech'ing and workflow, and I think you would benefit.  Come down and be my guest."  

I showed up bright and early, ready for a magic bullet to my issue.  Doug was gracious enough to have me as his guest, and I absorbed everything he said.  The star of the show wasn't Doug, however.  It was the program he was using, Capture One Pro.  Doug was shooting with a Phase One Camera.  Not too shabby!...and not cheap either!

I was in awe of the entire set up.  Clearly the program was meant to handle large files at high resolution, and do so with an ease and grace that most other processing engines would fall into some form of cardiac arrest over.  

I was sold, and made my decision to purchase Capture One Pro.  I needed this program in my life.

I have been a C1 user for a few years now, believe in and rely on the program so heavily that I became a Phase One Ambassador.

So, what's new and exciting with C1 V10?  

I simply couldn't do the explanation much justice, so I'll just provide a link, and let you read up on it.

Capture One Pro  Features


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USE AMBWAINE to receive 10% OFF

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If you have any questions, hit me up!  I'm happy to help out or arrange for an onsite demo of the program at my studio in Lancaster, PA.

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