Why You Hate Having Your Picture Taken and What to Do About It

“I hate having my picture taken.” I hear this a lot.  You may need to have your photo taken for one reason or another, but you'd rather jump off a cliff.

Unfortunately, this is a common affliction known as (PAS) Picture Avoidance Syndrome. 

What is it about having your photo taken that is so painful?

A lot of the time, people claim to hate the way they look.  Body image is a hot topic.  The reality is you are who you are, and you look like YOU. There is no one else on Earth that looks like you, (unless you’re a twin). NEVER, consider your looks to be a flaw.

You might hate your nose because you think it is too long. Maybe you hate your lazy eye, or heavy eyelids. Some folks even have issues with the aging process, and can’t stand the bags under their eyes, or the wrinkles in their skin.


Take a look at the FedEx logo.  Can you locate the arrow? I suppose you found it in the white space.  Was it difficult to locate? Consider that you are actually the FedEx logo.  You have studied yourself for so long, that you will always find something that you hate or want changed, even if it is unnoticeable to others.


These things don’t need to be changed. They are unique to you.  You may believe they are flaws, but no one else sees them and they don’t care about them.  So, stop FedEx-ing yourself!

As mentioned in my blog, PERCEIVED FLAWS AND SELF – ACCEPTANCE, society has jaded us! We have become hyper-critical of our appearance. Advertisements would have us believe that true beauty is being rail thin, or having perfectly straight hair, or some other unrealistic standard. We degrade ourselves and kill ourselves over not measuring up. We obsess over everything: from diet, to hitting the gym like maniacs, and we sometimes even seek surgical solutions.

Headshot_20170703_Ellen Taylor_Richard_Waine_Lancaster_PA_0093 (square).jpg

One of the most beautiful individuals came to me for updated headshots, due to need not desire.  They just couldn’t come to terms with the aging process.  After a few shed tears, some settling, and a little coaching, the experience and results changed how they felt about themselves. That was the most awe-inspiring experience of my life. I can't believe I was able to change how someone felt about themselves by delivering pictures and an incredible experience. 


Another reason that you may hate having your photo taken might be that your prior experiences on that side of the camera were less than stellar.  The onus is on the photographer to provide coaching, direction, and easy to follow directions, while making the experience enjoyable. When it starts to feel like work, something has gone awry. You want a relaxed, comfortable, and dynamic atmosphere, where the laughter is abundant, the images are authentic, and you are able to be yourself.


Lastly, the results have to speak for themselves. 

Recently, I met a lady at a networking event. She was in the process of taking a selfie with a friend, but deleted every picture. I intervened and provided some quick guidance.  She hated every picture she took and hated having her photo taken in general because she felt that she looked heavier than she actually was. Employing my techniques, her face thinned out and she loved her new selfie.  Later in the evening, she tracked me down to thank me for the tips.  She has a different perspective now, especially since she learned a new way to position herself.  A little coaching from a professional goes a long way!

Headshot_20170819_David Braught_Richard_Waine_Lancaster_PA_0090.jpg

Do YOU hate having your picture taken?

If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, and offer up some conversation.