5 Hair Tips Every Person Needs to Know

As a headshot photographer, I see all types, styles, colors, and textures of hair. Due to my experience, I have developed an opinion as to what works well and what doesn't, not just for photo sessions, but for presentations of any sort.

It's a tough thing for me to be so particular about, since I am follically challenged, but I am.  I am going to delve into why I am so particular, and it isn't only because I am losing mine.


Your Own Style

No one can replicate your style quite like you can.  It’s your style and you have to rock it!  The goal is for you to look AND FEEL like yourself!

Changing styles right before any photo session is never a great idea, as you need time to acclimate yourself to the change.  You won’t feel like yourself and you may even have trouble recognizing yourself.  For some, this could be a good thing, but it’s usually not.

Dallas based Headshot Photographer, Judy Babinksi advises women that “if you color your hair, make sure roots are touched up before your session.” She also advises that men should “bring your hair products with you to the session.  This will allow you to change up your look during the session.”


Hair Gaps

A break between sections of hair, where light or the background shows through, makes for an unrefined image.  I prefer to adjust your hair on the spot, and ensure that everything is perfect, than to spend time making corrections after the fact.  It is my job to ensure that everything, hair included, is just right before I even contemplate pressing the shutter. 


Hair Sprawl

When long hair fans out across the shoulder, this is called hair sprawl.  It is typically due to movement or shifting the hair for comfort.  Keeping those shoulders clean and the hair in check is usually a pretty good idea. 

Sometimes, people tend to pull the hair around the back of the neck, creating a hair wrap.  This makes things appear asymmetrical.

I have some easy to follow tips and tricks to get things just right.  A simple sweep of the hair from back to front in a controlled manner, and voila!  I know this isn’t very clear, so feel free to reach out to me. I will explain in further depth. 


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Headshot_20150802_Vesta Schneider_Richard_Waine_Lancaster_PA_0050-7.jpg


The attention should be on your expression, and communicating a desired message. I am a firm believer in keeping distracting elements to an absolute minimum. This is why I leave my backgrounds plain, the jewelry minimal, the makeup natural, and hair styled simply.  The fewer the distractions, the easier it is for your audience to receive your message. This is why I prefer to either leave hair down, or in a simple ponytail.

Headshot_20170513_Michael Kealey_Richard_Waine_Lancaster_PA_0048 (square).jpg

Facial Hair

Whether we lack the time, or we are in the middle of football season, there is always justification for some beard growth.  But, that doesn't mean we can't keep it neat. Personally, I love scruff on guys. It's just a cool look.  I bet there are some ladies that find it pretty attractive too!

There is a certain level of sophistication that accompanies a distinguished, well-groomed beard.  Putting a little effort into grooming the facial hair will help to elevate your perceived status.


Hair can sometimes do its own thing when you need it to behave. But, it can also accentuate your features, make you feel confident and make you feel more attractive.  If only, for that brief moment in time, everything is perfect and polished, your perceived level of expertise will be off the charts.  

Research has shown that individuals tend to find attractive people to be more intelligent, friendly, and competent than others. By presenting yourself as refined and sophisticated, you make yourself more attractive to your desired audience. This is definitely a desirable outcome!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this stuff, so please don’t hesitate to drop a comment, a question or even an email.