The Best Way to Make More Money

You have dreams!  We all do.  

When I was younger, I really believed that I was going to be rolling in dough, and living the high life.  You know, riding around in an exotic car (or at least something high end), living in a mansion, have the coveted American Express Black card, and basically not have to care about cash at all.

Fortunately, maturity set in, reality slapped me around a little, and I have learned a ton, both from my schooling and from life experiences.  I'm not a millionaire.  I don't have a Ferrari (or anything close to it), my house is pretty modest and my credit cards have a spending limit (unlike that of the Amex Black Card).  I'm just an average guy, putting my pants on one leg at a time, and working away to be better than I was yesterday. I imagine you can relate.  


Make an Impression

So, what lesson can an average guy offer to help make more money?  I am a headshot and portrait specialist.  I am in the business of helping my clients put their best face forward.  My expertise is in crafting headshot images and business portraits that best represent you, and are a visual representation of your message.

Did you know that you have 7 seconds (or less) to make a positive impression on people? 

Those are opportunities that you certainly don't want to waste.  These days, we do business with people that we haven't met in person.  It seems counterintuitive to show off a snazzy silhouette on LinkedIn, other social profiles, or websites when these platforms are all visual and you are trying to communicate competence, confidence, approachability and come across as someone that others want to know.


A Great Expression = $$$

See where I am going with this?  Your face is your money maker!  Your expression is the cash register!  Leveraging your expression to generate revenue is, literally, the best way to earn more money.  But not any expression will do.  You need to show a degree of confidence coupled with approachability.  Not enough will make you look hesitant, confused, or fearful.  Going too far can yield you an expression somewhere on the creepy scale.  A good balance is required.

Do you think that business associates really want to engage in transactions with someone who doesn't look like they know what they are doing?  What if you look miserable or are giving off that serial killer vibe?  The creepy vibe may make people feel less safe or uncomfortable in dealing with you.

Your profile image needs to give your audience a warm fuzzy feeling. They need to feel a sense of trust, and a connection with you that resonates on a personal and professional level.  The reality is that people do business with people they like.  If you don't appear to be a likable human, chances are you won't get as much business as you could.


An Investment in Future Cash Flow

You will undoubtedly consider price when making your decision.  99.99% of the time, people ask "how much?" before finding someone remotely qualified to do the job.  I understand that people are guarded about the amount of money they spend, but this is not a frivolous expenditure.  You know, as well as I, that this is an investment in your future cash flow.

The return on your investment is huge.  You aren't considering the present value of that money. Think of the FUTURE value of that revenue stream. You may pay a few bucks for the headshot session, but the return on investment (ROI), or likelihood that you'll earn MUCH more than the cost of the headshot session by using that updated image, is significant.  


It's a No-Brainer!

Regardless of profession, whether you are an entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, model or actor, your headshot is an investment in your ability to make money in the future.  Why wouldn't you spend a few bucks today in order to make more money down the road?  Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn't it?

Selling Yourself

You are the product! Your face is your biggest asset, and your expression is a visual communication of your value. It's amazing how effective an updated, but awesome headshot can be in helping to increase your income.  You have the potential to increase your own revenue and income.  You simply can't afford to miss opportunities to impress your clients and future clients!

So, find a Professional Headshot Specialist and get your biggest asset working for you.  You won't regret it!