Why Being Photographed is Scarier Than Dating Taylor Swift

It is no secret that being photographed can be a stressful experience.  In fact, only a small percentage of the population really enjoy it.  Have you ever wondered why people despise having their picture taken?

We all understand and concede the importance of pictures.  Family photos are incredibly valuable, and transcend time.  Personally, I wish my own family made the effort to have more of them done.  

Other types of photos are valuable for a whole host of reasons: personal branding, corporate marketing, product sales, food and beverage sales, advertising, online dating, and even images to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.

While there are dozens of purposes behind photos, the reality is that stepping in front of a camera can be a daunting experience.


As a professional headshot photographer, I see the look of absolute fear, anxiety, and stress on the faces of some clients, and their body language lets me know they'd rather be anywhere else at that moment. However, I am also privileged to affect and witness the journey and transformation into confidence and approachability.  

Most of the time, clients visit me in Lancaster with a need for professional headshots, which showcase their unique personality, and communicate their competence and professionalism.  They recognize the need for these types of pictures, but internally they are freaking out.

People tend to worry about how they look.  They haven't come to terms with, or learned to own their appearance. 


Self-perception is a funny thing.  Folks may have trouble coping with the aging process, weight gain,  distorted facial features as a result of an accident or birth defect, baldness, surgical scarring or any other perceived flaw.  There are plenty of reasons why people are scared to death of being photographed.

For some, the prospect of being photographed is frightening because of a genuine fear that any perceived flaws will be front and center in a photograph. The idea that someone will have an opportunity to analyze every detail of that photo is enough to want to hide under a rock.

No wonder why being photographed can be scarier than dating Taylor Swift!

The good news is that there are ways to help you cope with and overcome these fears and concerns.

Coping with and owning your appearance is a difficult task. 9 times out of 10, the issue comes back to how other people will see you, what they might think, and what they will say.  Unfortunately, society has preconditioned us to actually care about those things.  We make decisions about our clothing, hair styles, body image, and even the need / desire for cosmetic surgery based on the opinions of others.

I ask this one simple question:  Why do you care what anyone else thinks?  

Does it really matter that someone else has an opinion on your appearance? Will their opinion make a significant impact on your life?  The only opinion you need to worry about is your own.  THAT is the epitome of owning your appearance, with confidence and passion.


One of my major goals in a headshot session is to provide professional coaching, the proper directions, and an easy process that lends itself to laughter and light hearted fun.  When you are having fun, you are sure to feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin, and allow yourself to be seen.  This is the moment you feel the sense of empowerment, and THAT is the very moment that makes my job so rewarding.

As always, if you have any questions, or would like to share your own story, I am here to listen and help.

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