The Importance of User Experience

Have you ever bought a car, or made another major purchase?  Let's face it.  It is an ordeal.  The process can be stressful and downright aggravating.  It requires research, due diligence, patience and it can take an emotional toll.

As I write today's post, I am in the process of buying a new car. The process the dealership uses to engage and work with clients is intriguing and has provided me with perspective.

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My user experience hasn't exactly been stellar, however.  The salesman has been nice enough.  But, communication has been complicated and convoluted, or sometimes nonexistent.  It is strange to see how everything gets passed from department to department in an attempt at efficiency. Meanwhile, I am left to wonder what the next step is, what papers need to be taken care of, and what I need to do to ensure that I can take delivery of my car on the desired date.  In other words, someone dropped the ball.  I am left wondering if they value me, or my business.

As a consumer, my own user experience(s) has/have made me hyper-aware of the experience I strive to provide my own clients. 

Ensuring that my clients are educated in my process, and understand what is involved each step of the way, is essential.  I even provide a play by play of the workflow on my website for reference.  Keeping clients guessing or being incommunicado is an amateur move and I don't subscribe to that.  

Regardless of how a session is booked, whether online or via e-mail, I always telephone the client prior to arrival in the studio.  So much information can be lost in translation, and I prefer to establish a rapport as soon as possible.  This is super-helpful in setting and aligning expectations.

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From the moment my clients hear my voice, during the photo session, through final delivery of images, I strive to make the experience special. It has to be!  If I make things difficult, the user experience will be garbage, kind of like my car buying experience mentioned above. 

Every one of my clients leave my studio feeling confident, highly regarded, respected and appreciated.

Besides, I am not only in the business of providing headshot photography. I am a stylist, a personal brand strategist, and a photo-therapist.  The only way for both my client and myself to succeed is for me to deliver an experience that is second to none!

Cross your fingers for me. Let’s hope that the rest of my car buying transaction goes smoother than the beginning.  In the meantime, take a look at what some of my past clients have said about their experiences.


What is your vision for an outstanding user experience?

Drop a comment and share your thoughts.