How a Simple Change Can Make All The Difference When You Are In Front Of The Camera

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As a headshot specialist, it is my job to help you craft the most stylish, refined look(s), in order to present you in the most polished, professional manner.  I take full responsibility for every detail of the image. Whether your shirt has a wrinkle in it, you are sporting some unwanted lint, or your tie knot looks off-kilter, it is up to me to ensure that that everything is just right.  


The little things make a huge impact on presentation.  

In the culinary arts, it is said that a diner eats with their eyes first. The same can be said of a potential client or casting director.  When they view your professional headshot or profile image, they are making a judgement about you, your character, personality and suitability. They are assessing whether you can get the job done for them.


Can you satisfy their appetite for a professional in that particular field? 


Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Scott, a student at USC, studying finance.  Scott is an ambitious and polished young man.  I enjoyed speaking with him about his plans for the future, and his desire to take on Wall Street.  This is an all too familiar story for me, since I am a former Wall Street guy. 

Scott was easily coachable, but my biggest peeve was with his tie.  It was a nice tie, but the knot was unrefined and didn't do him justice.  I couldn't let this young fellow take on the world with his tie looking weird.  I had no choice but to hook this young man up with a fresh tie knot.  I took his tie from around his neck, tied a Double Windsor knot, and put it back around his neck.  Here is a before and after.  Check out that tie!  All set for World Domination! Now, he can run with the movers and shakers of Wall Street!



Headshot_20170714_Scott Pendleton_Richard_Waine_Lancaster_PA_0004 (square).jpg


Headshot_20170714_Scott Pendleton_Richard_Waine_Lancaster_PA_0062 (square)-1.jpg

Whether for actor headshots or business portraits, I take the same approach. I want you to look cool, feel great, and present well. Clothing and styling is just as important as a great expression.

Are you personally invested in your image?

Richard_Waine_Headshot_Photographer_Choosing Clothes For Client

Have you ever come across a tie issue like Scott did, and didn’t realize it until AFTER the photos were delivered to you?  Please share your story in the comment section below


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