MY Team

I work with incredibly talented people.  I have teamed up with an extraordinary makeup artist and an incredible stylist.  Lionel Adriano and Lisa Torba complement my work and echo my drive for perfection. They leave no stone unturned, and you are guaranteed to have an experience second to none.



Lionel Adriano is a world-class makeup artist.  He has worked with the rich and famous, actors and actresses, and some of the world's most recognizable personalities.  He is a gentle soul with a fantastic eye for color and complexion.  Lionel not only makes my life easier, he collaborates with me to ensure that every detail is carefully considered and nothing is overlooked.



Lisa Torba is a Personal Stylist for men and women. 

Too often, folks arrive at the studio, lacking any sense of style or how clothing should fit.  Lisa is my answer to both of these issues. She helps to custom fit and style you with high quality clothes that look and feel great.

The goal is to make your life easier, and have you looking better than ever.  

She has certainly helped me, and I know she can do the same for you!