Arrive as a Client, Leave as a Friend

I was about 30 seconds from beginning a headshot session for a professional mortgage broker, for use in marketing material, on a website, and for a LinkedIn profile.

Typically, when companies contract me to photograph their personnel, there are usually a few stragglers. Perhaps those folks were in an important meeting, or on vacation at the time of the appointment. Whatever the case may be, I make arrangements with the company to have them come to my studio to make up their session.

Headshot_20180310_Piper Hepler_Richard_Waine_Lancaster_PA_0104 (square).jpg

When The Phone Rings

I was just about to press the button for our first frame when the phone rang.

A gentleman named Tim was calling to see if I had availability to work with his daughter, Piper, in the next day or so.  He explained that she was in a production at American Music Theater, one of the major theaters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and needed an updated headshot as quickly as possible. 

My first suggestion was that they come to the studio that evening.  Given the nature of the family business, this was not doable.  I then suggested that they come to the studio bright and early the next morning, which happened to be a Saturday.  Without hesitation, they took the time slot, and preparations were made to get Piper the best headshots she's ever taken.


I Bend Over Backwards for My Clients

I am a huge proponent of bending over backwards to help my clients out.  Some folks tend to think that most businesses only care about sales, and will squeeze customers into the schedule to generate revenue.

Here is my reality:  I go out of my way for my clients because I deliver a high end service that will not only bolster self-confidence and positive vibes, but will present them as polished professionals.  The finished images speak for themselves, as they are not only expressive and of extremely high quality, but they are honest, authentic and based on trust.

I believe in my clients, and I want them to believe in themselves. In my eyes, I have an obligation to touch their hearts and give them an incredible personal branding and headshot experience.

Sometimes that means making introductions, where my clients and friends might benefit from connecting with each other. 

When a client asks me to step up to the plate because they value what I can do for them, I find a way to take care of them as soon as possible, and I deliver my full energy and attention from the first moment of contact. 


Not Just a Client...Anymore

I had greeted Piper, her mother and father with a handshake when they arrived at the studio.  On the way out of the studio, Piper wrapped her arms around me and gave me a huge hug.  Her mother gave me a hug as well.

When clients leave my studio, they are no longer just clients...they are my friends.

Based on the flow of the session and the interaction, I know that Piper had a great time working with me, and I had a blast working with her. 

Sometimes you have clients that make things so enjoyable that you lose track of time, and you almost forget how many incredible images you have made.  This is my goal for every client and every session.

Schedule your very own headshot session with me.  Experience what its like to lose yourself in the experience for a few hours.  You'll not only end up with amazing images, but you'll have fun doing it... just like Piper!