The Process


So, you're curious about the method behind the madness, huh?  This is a step by step guide to how I am going to help you look more confident, more poised, and approachable.  I am going to take you through the entire workflow as simply as I can. This way, you and I will be on the same page through the entire session.



After scheduling, you will receive a confirmation email, laying out the details of the session, and providing some preparation tips. 



Upon arriving at the studio, we'll chat for a bit. This helps to refresh expectations, and allows us to continue building our rapport.

We will go through the clothing you brought, to determine which style will best represent you and your brand.



Let's Shoot!

I'll bring the coaching and direction. You bring the desire to have a good time and take your image from flat to wow!

We'll take intermittent breaks, so we can go through some coaching, and talk about what is working, and what needs to be changed.



You and I will review the images taken.  We will evaluate and rate each image, determining whether they are an accurate representation of your personal and/or corporate brand.


Once we have chosen your image(s), my retoucher will polish them up. The goal is not to make drastic changes. Retouching is meant to clean up any blemishes,  fly away hairs, etc., and simply get the image(s) prepped for final presentation.


Once the images are retouched and I have examined them for quality, I will create a private proofing gallery for you to view the work.  Upon your approval of the images, I will enable the download feature, and you may claim the digital files for your use.