Lancaster, PA's Best Headshot Photographer

My name is Richard Waine, and I am a professional headshot photographer in Lancaster, PA.  I provide a first class experience, while delivering the very best in headshot images for use in your personal and / or corporate branding material.  My process will save you time, money and aggravation by providing easy to follow coaching and direction.  For a good time, and amazing images, book your session today!   

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Actor Headshots

Take Center Stage

Investing in a professional headshot photographer will get you in front of the right people. Casting directors and talent agencies see hundreds of acting headshots each day. A unique and professional headshot will make you stand out. My process will capture your individuality and authenticity in a fun, dynamic atmosphere. I have delivered some of the strongest actor and performer headshots Lancaster has seen. Land that audition and take center stage!


Corporate Headshots

Land Your Dream Job

Corporate business headshots don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can and should be fun! You need modern headshots that promote your credibility so that you earn client trust. Whether for a LinkedIn profile photo, other social media, or marketing material, my system of consistent lighting coupled with professional coaching will help you look like the expert in your industry. Take control of your image and grab your dream job!

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  • Save time and make money by capitalizing on your first impression

  • Establish yourself as a polished professional, and an expert in your field

  • Demonstrate your sense of style, promoting your commitment to doing business in an organized way, with attention to detail


Not Getting Noticed?

Your outdated headshot isn't helping you get noticed, is it?  You aren't making a strong enough impression, are you?  


Not Able to Build Relationships?

The opportunities to demonstrate your expertise aren't as abundant as they should be, are they? 


Are You Sending The Wrong Message?

Your current profile picture is sending the wrong message to your audience, isn't it? 



After scheduling, you will receive a confirmation email, explaining the details of the session, and providing some preparation tips.


Upon arriving at the studio, we'll chat so we refresh expectations, and continue building our rapport. We will look through the clothing you brought, to determine which style(s) will best represent you and your brand.


Let's Shoot! I'll bring the coaching and direction. You bring the desire to have a good time. Together we will take your image from flat to wow! We'll take intermittent breaks, for coaching, and to discuss what is working, and what needs to be changed.


We will review, evaluate and rate the images taken to determine whether they are an accurate representation of your personal and/or corporate brand.


Once we have chosen your image(s), my retoucher will polish them up. The goal is not to make drastic changes. Retouching is meant to clean up any blemishes, fly away hairs, etc., and prepare the image(s) for final presentation.


Once the images have been retouched and I have examined them for quality, I will create a private proofing gallery for you to view the work. Upon your approval of the images, I will enable the download feature, and you may claim the digital files .

Power Hour

  • 1 Look (outfit)
  • Advanced Coaching and Direction
  • Instant Review of Images
  • 1 Professionally Retouched Digital Image
  • Private Proofing Gallery
  • Digital Download of Images

The Executive

  • Up to 4 Hours of Shooting
  • More than 300 shots taken
  • 5 Looks (outfits)
  • 3 different backgrounds
  • Advanced Coaching and Direction
  • 5 Professionally Retouched Digital Images

First Impressions Matter

  • Save time and make money by capitalizing on your first impression. Build connections, and be seen as a likeable person.

Be The Expert

  • Establish yourself as a polished professional, and an expert in your field. People trust experts!

Make an Impact

  • Demonstrate your sense of style, promoting your committment to doing business in an organized way, with attention to detail

Let's Shoot

  • I'll bring the coaching, you bring the desire to have a good time. Our focus will be on incredible expressions that best showcase your confidence, competence, and unique personality. We'll take intermittent breaks to review the images and for clothing changes.


  • Together, we will evaluate and rate the images taken to determine which images best represent your personal and/or corporate brand. I shoot tethered directly into a computer, which will allows us to see details more clearly, and make any adjustments necessary.


  • Your images will be professionally retouched. They will be polished up, refined, and placed in a private proofing gallery. Upon your approval, I will enable the download feature so you may claim your digital files and proceed to take control of your digital identity.