Lancaster Pennsylvania's Premier
Social Media Headshot Photographer

Social media has become ingrained in our daily lives. Clients and employers use these platforms just as frequently as everyone else.  Take control of the images they see. You bring the clothes and your unique personality. I'll bring the coaching, direction and the dynamic atmosphere.  Together, we will craft your digital identity and present you with confidence and approachability.  Everyone will want to know you!

  • Expertly lit, so that emphasis is placed on your best characteristics
  • Expressive and energetic, conveying your message and unique personality
  • Free from distractions, making you the focus of attention

  • Save time and make money by capitalizing on your first impression

  • Establish yourself as a polished professional, and an expert in your field

  • Demonstrate your sense of style, promoting your commitment to doing business in an organized way, with attention to detail


Social media platforms are the latest craze.  Society tends to spend more time on their mobile devices than having conversations in person. As such, your brand and brand message will be received digitally before you have an opportunity to meet your counterpart in person.  You don't have the luxury of missing an opportunity to make a good impression. Having an amazing headshot will ensure that your audience receives your virtual handshake warmly and generates a positive impression.