Lancaster Pennsylvania's Premier
LinkedIn Profile Photographer

Your LinkedIn profile is a representation of your competence and professionalism.  My workflow is designed to save you time and money while removing the fear and anxiety of having your photo taken.  I am a brand strategist, helping you craft your digital identity and present yourself in a polished, professional and personable light.  

  • Expertly lit, so that emphasis is placed on your best characteristics
  • Expressive and energetic, conveying your message and unique personality
  • Free from distractions, making you the focus of attention

  • Save time and make money by capitalizing on your first impression

  • Establish yourself as a polished professional, and an expert in your field

  • Demonstrate your sense of style, promoting your commitment to doing business in an organized way, with attention to detail


LinkedIn is a way to connect with and meet other, like-minded, professionals. Too often, I have noticed executives, professionals, and thought leaders using profile images that simply do not do them justice.  Believe it or not, many of them don't use a profile photo at all.  It is almost contradictory to be active on a professional networking website, yet desire anonymity.  Dump the silhouette avatar, and invest in a headshot that sets you apart. You want to be recognized as a polished professional, who is confident in what they know and do.  Your perceived level of expertise will be well received, and your branding message will be communicated clearly.