The Headshot Session


The Headshot Session

The headshot session is designed to provide you with personal branding materials to promote yourself within your industry.  In order to do this, we will shoot a variety of looks. I like to provide a range of options, so that you are able to use multiple shots for different purposes. I don’t put a limit on the number of shots I’ll take, so we will shoot each look until I feel we have captured it.  

We will edit the entire shoot together via an approval process. You will end up with images, which you have approved as potential candidates. By shooting and editing in this manner, we can adjust the focus of the shots to account for anything we feel might have been missed. You are very involved in the process, and we collaborate to provide you with the best possible results. This ensures that you are pleased with the outcome of the session.  

The shots we take during the session will be made available on your own password protected webpage. You will be able to give the username and password to friends, family, agents, casting directors and anyone else who might help you choose the shots you decide to use.


Once you've chosen your final shots you can order retouching and printing services. For quality control purposes, all of my work is handled by either myself or my retoucher.  So, if you choose to shoot with me, you will not be given high resolution files for retouching on your own. This helps to ensure the quality of my product from beginning to end. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to discuss it with me.  

My retoucher is an integral part of my workflow, and is able to handle everything after the shoot. We process the files at high resolution, prep them for printing, and retouch them for you. Upon choosing your images, we will polish them up and submit them to you for your review and approval. You will critique the shots along with us and we will fine tune the retouching to your liking.

Hair & Makeup

If you feel you can handle make-up on your own, that is ok, but not recommended.  I want you 100% focused on your shoot, so handling makeup can be a distraction. Makeup worn for a headshot session can vary greatly from what you normally wear everyday, so it's important to have a professional there for you.  If you do decide to do your own, then make sure you show up with your makeup ready to roll.  If you require my make-up artist, I will arrange for you to be taken care of by my makeup artist.  The fee paid to the makeup artist is a separate transaction and should be paid directly to them.

I ask that everyone come in with their hair as if they were presenting themselves to a casting director for an audition. We want your headshot to match the way you look in person on a regular basis.  It must be something that you can recreate at will.

Also, for guys who grow decent scruff, feel free to come with some growth. We can shoot with facial hair; you can shave, then we can shoot some more. So bring your razor, grooming tools, etc.

Your Responsibility

If you end up choosing me as your photographer, you have agreed that it's your responsibility to convey anything that you feel needs improvement over the course of the session. I want nothing more than to have you completely satisfied with the outcome, and it is relatively easy to make adjustments during the session. However, once the session is over it is your responsibility to work with the images that we decided to keep, and I accept no responsibility should you feel any other way. I want your shoot saturated with amazing shots, and have no problem deleting shots during the editing process in order to keep the best of the best, or photograph more to make sure we nailed it. 

I feel that I have a great eye and consider myself a specialist in my field. However, I have no control of how others (agent, publicist, spouse, friends, etc.) will react to your session after you leave my studio. 


A deposit is required to book a session, this is non-refundable and goes towards the total. I accept cash and all major credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover).  


I am happy to meet with anyone for a free consultation in the studio or Skype, or discuss details by phone. During a consultation you will get to know me a bit, we will go over some of the details of the shoot, and answer any other questions you may have.  


Thanks for taking the time to read through all this Information. I know it’s a ton of stuff, but I hope this has given you a good idea of what to expect. If you still have questions feel free to ask!  I look forward to working with you!