Lancaster Pennsylvania's Premier
Business Portrait Photographer

Your headshot is a demonstration of how your clients will receive you.  Showing a refined, professional image, with a confident and competent expression will help to make a great first impression. You won't get a second chance, so make sure that you are sending the right message.  Let me guide you through your business portrait session, where my coaching and easy to follow direction will hone your digital identity. 

  • Expertly lit, so that emphasis is placed on your best characteristics
  • Expressive and energetic, conveying your message and unique personality
  • Free from distractions, making you the focus of attention

  • Save time and make money by capitalizing on your first impression

  • Establish yourself as a polished professional, and an expert in your field

  • Demonstrate your sense of style, promoting your commitment to doing business in an organized way, with attention to detail


A first impression is built within the first 7 seconds of seeing a person.  In this age of technology and digital profiles, we tend to begin business relationships with people we haven't met in person.  You don't have the luxury of missing an opportunity to make a good impression. Having an amazing headshot will ensure that your audience receives your virtual handshake warmly and generates a positive impression.  So, What does YOUR headshot say about you?