Headshot Specialist is Moving to Downtown Lancaster, PA!

Here we go!

For those that were unaware, or may not have read the blog post from the Gold Coast Images website, my business partner and I decided to unwind Gold Coast Images.

Not to rehash things, but the bottom line from that situation was simply that my partner, just didn't have the time to dedicate to shooting any images, or towards building a business.  I don't fault him whatsoever, and I think he's putting his time and energy where it needs to be; with his family.

With the dissolution of Gold Coast Images imminent, that leaves me dusting off the ole website, and reinvigorating the brand.  I didn't exactly leave Richard Waine Photography to die in the photography business graveyard. However, I admit, I didn't give it the attention it really deserved. So... here we go!

  1.   I am getting my to-do list taken care of.  A rebrand or polishing up a brand takes time and   patience. I'm working it!
  2.  The website is a work in progress.  I'm getting things together as quickly as I can, and will  be modified frequently.
  3.  The lease for the new studio should be all set any day now.  Once I have that set up, the  painting, decorating, and personalization of the space will ensue.  I doubt it will be as  much work as the last studio!
  4. Marketing materials, business cards, and other information will fall in line shortly after, so be sure to look for them, or just drop by the studio for your very own!  Better yet, drop by the studio for your very own Personal Branding Headshot Photo Session!  (see what I did there?!)

I know I have a ton to do.  Rest assured, I'm working as quickly and diligently as possible.  No one wants to be back behind the lens more than I.  However, if you need information, have questions, want to book a session, or want to shoot the breeze, just drop me a line.  I usually send a response right away!

So, that's all for now, guys and gals.  I'll be firing up a new blog soon, where I hope to share more good new and progress.  

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Tell your friends, cousins, brother, sister's former roommates, colleagues, bosses and anyone else you can think of:  Richard Waine Photography is moving to downtown Lancaster, PA!!

See you guys in the city!