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Should I Wait To Have My Headshot Taken?

We procrastinate and put things off…and in the end, our competitors reap the rewards. Unfortunately, that is the cold, hard truth. While we are waiting for the opportune moment to come, someone else has already seized that opportunity, and we are left scratching our heads either wondering why we were passed over, or why we waited so long.

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Why Being Photographed is Scarier Than Dating Taylor Swift

For some, the prospect of being photographed is frightening because of a genuine fear that any perceived flaws will be front and center in a photograph. The idea that someone will have an opportunity to analyze every detail of that photo is enough to want to hide under a rock.

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How to Deal With Distractions in Personal Branding Photography

Headshot photography is the only form of photography where the client is the product.  No need to confuse the subject matter or the audience. I prefer to avoid stuff that will pull attention away from what matters most. 

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